Don Sinclair

Associate Professor, Computational Arts

Headshot of Associate Professor, Don Sinclair.

Don Sinclair’s creative research encompasses physical computing, wearable computing, interactive sound art, laptop performance, web art, database art, interactive dance, video projection, cycling art, sustainability and green architecture. His web/data projects include oh, those everyday spaces, a database of over 25,000 images captured while cycling, that forms the basis for exhibitions seen in Toronto, New York, Jerusalem, Naples and Toronto. His collaborations include works created with choreographers and dancers that explore movement-based manipulation of sound and images, and audience-focused interfaces created with sound-based artists. Current projects include the Cyclist Comfort Visualizer, a wearable computing piece designed to be worn by a cyclist in traffic, and Making Conspicuous Consumption, a set of works that display aspects of a building’s energy consumption. He is also part of the research team for the project Reflections of the Unimaginable, a multimedia rendering of three cities hosting the Holocaust. Professor Sinclair is a principal researcher in York’s Future Cinema Lab.