Intermedial Narrative & Performance: New Approaches is a one-day symposium focusing on new forms of storytelling at the intersection of performance, film, mixed media, and installation. Bridging diverse approaches to media arts, we will ask: how do artists and collectives working across disciplines engage with technologies—“new” and “old”—to experiment with alternative ways of staging self, community, and cultural memory? How do intermedial artworks—in challenging the methods and expectations proper to discrete art forms—provide a testing ground for unique, and often politically challenging, narrative structures? In what ways do these mediatized explorations of the spaces in between the arts, and in between art and technology, create engaging and at times disorienting audience experiences? 

To explore these questions, we have invited a group of interdisciplinary makers and scholars from across Canada and the United States to discuss their intermedial creation work in and outside the “black box.” Through their use of a variety of intermedial methods—virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, live projection, interactive and immersive environments, mobile and geolocation technologies, and more—these artists trouble conventional perceptions of space, time, and boundary. In doing so, their practice-based artistic inquiries offer vibrant and urgent forms of social critique.

Sponsorship & Support

This symposium is sponsored by Canada 150 @ York University.

We also want to acknowledge the support from Sensorium: Centre for Digital Arts and Technology, the Graduate Programs in Cinema & Media Arts, Digital Media, and Theatre & Performance Studies, and the Performance Studies (Canada) Speaker Series.

Organizing Committee

Laura Levin, Associate Professor, Theatre & Performance Studies; Director of Sensorium: Centre for Digital Arts & Technology

Michael Longford, Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director, Digital Media, Computational Arts

Taien Ng-Chan, Sessional Assistant Professor, Cinema & Media Arts

Alanna Dunlop, MA Student, Theatre & Performance Studies

Maranda Tippins, Undergraduate Student, Theatre & Performance Studies

Sennah Yee, PhD Student, Cinema & Media Studies