Melanie Wilmink

Melanie Wilmink is a doctoral student in Art History and Visual Culture at York University and a recipient of the 2014 York University Elia Scholars Award. Her research examines the inter-connectivity between spectatorial experience and exhibition spaces, and aims to determine how public art situations act as vehicles for metaphoric and physical transportation. She completed her MA in Interdisciplinary Studies (Film and Visual Arts) at the University of Regina, where she was a research assistant on Dr. Christine Ramsay’s SSHRC funded “Atom Egoyan In Media Res” exhibition research, and was awarded a Joseph-Bombardier Canada Graduate Masters Scholarship in 2013. Her ongoing research was developed through her experience as Programming Coordinator for the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers and its $100 Film Festival (an avant-garde Super 8 and 16mm event established in 1992), and her current curatorial work through the Toronto-based Pleasure Dome media arts exhibition collective.