360 Immersive Storytelling

360 Immersive Storytelling: Capture, Compose, Narrate with Aparna Wilder of IRL Labs will begin with an activity focused on the personal narrative. Students should have access to 3-4 digital images that represent their childhood, family, and home. The second part of the workshop will be a team-based exercise where students will create an immersive story based on […]

Hybrid Drawing

Hybrid Drawing: Analog and Digital Drawing and Animation with Ali Momeni (IRL Labs) workshop introduces tools, techniques and repertoire for combining analog drawing techniques with real-time digital tools for live performance, installation and public interventions.

21st Century Storytelling

21st Century Storytelling: A Professional Development Workshop in Crossmedia Performance with The Builders Association. Led by members of The Builders Association and designed for emerging and professional artists and media-makers working in a variety of disciplines, this hands-on workshop invites participants to explore not only “how” but “why” we integrate media into live performance. Drawing from the […]