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Dylan Robinson: Public Talk and Workshop

Dylan Robinson: Public Talk and Workshop

Across the globe, museum “collections” of Indigenous material culture are displayed behind glass. These cases seek to render the Indigenous life they contain into objects of display, to be seen but not touched. Alongside the life of ancestors who take material form, thousands of Indigenous songs collected by ethnographers on wax cylinder recordings, reel-to-reel tape and electronic formats are similarly confined in museums. For Indigenous people, experiencing these systems of display and storage are often traumatic because of the ways in which they maintain the separation of kinship at the heart of settler colonialism. To re-assess the role of the museum as a place that confines life is to put into question the museum’s relationship to incarceration. If the museum is a carceral space, how then might we define repatriation in relation to practices of “re-entry” and the reconnection of kinship?

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