Research Associates

Research Associates participate in the intellectual and creative life of Sensorium, submit and administer grants through the Centre, and/or are active in a research cluster, and in organizing workshops and conferences.

Headshot of Professor Jamie Robinson.

Jamie Robinson

Assistant Professor, Theatre

Jamie Robinson is an assistant professor of Acting and Directing in the York University Theatre Department. He has been a Toronto based professional artist since 1997 as an actor, director, producer, teacher and writer.

Headshot of Associate Professor Ken Rogers.

Kenneth Rogers

Associate Professor, Cinema & Media Arts; Associate Director, MBA Program in Arts Media and Entertainment

Kenneth Rogers is the author of The Attention Complex: Media, Archeology, Method (Palgrave Macmillan 2014), which diagrams the complex of power relations that organizes the proliferating media technologies, knowledge systems, and social practices of human attention into a larger political strategy that governs the conduct of individuals.

Headshot of Professor Emerita, Barbara Sellers-Young.

Barbara Sellers-Young

Professor Emerita, Dance

Barbara Sellers-Young is an interdisciplinary scholar with an international research profile in the fields of dance, theatre and performance theory and practice. Her teaching and research have taken her to countries on five continents, including Japan, Sudan, Nepal, India, China, England and Australia. Her publications include five books and numerous articles on dance, theatre and popular culture.

Image of Assistant Professor, Yifat Shaik

Yifat Shaik

Assistant Professor, Computational Arts

Yifat Shaik is an Assistant Professor in Computational Arts in York University and an indie game developer whose focus is on creating personal autobiographical work and the use of systems, data, and game mechanics in social interaction and political activism.

Headshot of Associate Professor, Don Sinclair.

Don Sinclair

Associate Professor, Computational Arts

Don Sinclair’s creative research encompasses physical computing, wearable computing, interactive sound art, laptop performance, web art, database art, interactive dance, video projection, cycling art, sustainability and green architecture. His web/data projects include oh, those everyday spaces, a database of over 25,000 images captured while cycling, that forms the basis for exhibitions seen in Toronto, New York, Jerusalem, Naples and Toronto.

Headshot of Professor Emerita, Nell Tenhaaf.

Nell Tenhaaf

Professor Emeritus, Visual Art & Art History

Nell Tenhaaf is an electronic media artist and theoretician with extensive exhibition, publication and lecture credits across North America and Europe. Her practice focuses on intersections of art, science and technology, with a particular interest in the biosciences and Artificial Life.

Headshot of Assistant Professor Jane Tingley.

Jane Tingley

Assistant Professor, Computational Arts

Jane Tingley is an artist, curator and Assistant Professor at York University. Her studio work combines traditional studio practice with new media tools – and spans responsive/interactive installation, performative robotics, and telematically connected distributed sculptures.

Headshot image of Associate Professor Doug Van Nort.

Doug Van Nort

Canada Research Chair; Associate Professor, Computational Arts/Music

Doug Van Nort’s creative and scholarly work operates in the domains of electroacoustic, experimental and computer music, improvised and interactive performance, and the sonic arts more broadly. He creates compositions and frameworks for improvisation that integrate machine agents, immersive environments, and experiences of telepresence as boundary conditions to explore the myriad ways that performers negotiate emergent, collective meaning outside of spoken language.