Graduate Student Caucus

Sensorium Graduate Student Caucus members participate in the Centre by organizing the Annual Graduate Student Symposium and Sensorium Salons as well as participating in workshops, summer institutes and attending events.

Andrew Bailey, Visual Art & Art History

Jessica Bay, Communication & Culture

Jessica Bay is pursuing a PhD in the Communication & Culture program at York & Ryerson Universities. She has previously completed an MA thesis in Popular Culture at Brock University titled The New Blockbuster Film Sequel: Changing Cultural and Economic Conditions Within the Film Industry (2011) and an MA thesis in English at the University of Lethbridge titled Re-Writing Publishing: Fanfiction and Self-Publication in Urban Fantasy (2014). Her current research examines the marketing strategies of Hollywood franchises in relation to teen fangirls and their practices.

David Han, Cinema & Media Studies

David Han is a media artist, scholar and educator whose work employs emerging technology to explore the boundaries between computation, cinema and new media. His current doctoral work examines the unique affordances of virtual reality (VR). Building upon research in media studies and cognitive science and inspired by early formalist experimentation in filmmaking, his research creation project aims to contribute to an understanding of the defining characteristics of this new medium and expand the range of possibilities for creative practice in VR.

Alison Humphrey, Cinema & Media Studies

Alison Humphrey plays with story across the fields of drama, digital media, and education. After starting out as an intern at Marvel Comics, she produced one of the first ever online alternate reality games for Douglas Adams’s Starship Titanic, initiated one of the earliest transmedia in-fiction blogs in a TV series, and co-created two interactive, live-animated theatre projects: Faster than Night (Toronto) and The Augmentalist (Silicon Valley). Her Vanier-CGS funded research explores how a science-fiction transmedia storyworld (, co-created with theatre students on four continents, can empower youth civic engagement and public health problem-solving. The project premiered during the World Health Organization’s 70th annual assembly in Geneva, Switzerland. Website:

Munjeera Jefford, Social and Political Thought

Signy Lynch, Theatre & Performance Studies

Signy Lynch is a Ph.D student in the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies at York. Her research investigates how direct audience address in contemporary performance can help audience members and performers to negotiate the complexities of inhabiting a twenty-first century globalized Canada. Signy is a member of the Centre for Spectatorship and Audience Research at the University of Toronto and secretary of the board of Cahoots Theatre.

Michael Palumbo, Theatre & Performance Studies

Claudia Sicondolfo, Cinema & Media Studies

Claudia Sicondolfo’s research interests include film festivals, screen publics, youth and digital media cultures, and the creative industries’ relationships with affect theories. Her Vanier-CGS funded doctoral research examines educational and community outreach strategies of various Canadian digital screen institutions, collectives, and film festivals. By focusing on digital and mobile technologies, including VR experiences, social media outreach, interactive documentaries and online platforms, she aims to interrogate contemporary engagement discourses involving youth communities and emergent media artists. Claudia has worked extensively with educational communities across Canada and has published educational companion curriculum for interactive and traditional documentaries, including Highrise and Offshore. She has two forthcoming (2018) book chapters.

Michael Trommer, Cinema & Media Studies

Michael Trommer is a Toronto-based producer, sound and multi-media artist; his experimental work has been focused primarily on psychogeographical and acoustemological explorations via the use of field recordings, infra- and ultrasound, as well as multi-channel installation and expanded video techniques. He has released material on a diverse roster of labels and has performed and exhibited internationally. In addition to teaching graduate sound design and sound art at George Brown College, Michael also teaches Think Tank at OCAD University and is currently pursuing a PhD in Cinema and Media Arts at York University.

Melanie Wilmink, Art History & Visual Culture
Melanie Wilmink is a PhD candidate in Art History and Visual Culture at York University, with honours such as the 2014 York University Elia Scholars Award, and a 2015 SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship. She completed her MA in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts at the University of Regina in 2014, and her BFA in Visual Arts at the University of Calgary in 2007. Her dissertation examines the inter-connectivity between spectatorial experience and exhibition spaces, and aims to determine how public art situations act as vehicles for metaphoric and physical transportation. Her ongoing research was developed through her experience as Programming Coordinator for the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers and its $100 Film Festival (an avant-garde Super 8 and 16mm event established in 1992), as well as her independent curating practice.

Sennah Yee, Cinema & Media Studies

Sennah Yee holds a BFA in Screenwriting and a MA in Cinema & Media Studies at York University. Her current research examines transgressive gendered robot design in popular media and technology. She is a research assistant at YorkU’s Sensorium: Centre for Digital Arts and Technology and the Academic Innovation Fund. She is co-editor of the online pop culture journal The Fuck of the Century and the arts editor at Shameless, a magazine for young women and trans youth. She is the producer and production designer of the feature film Withdrawn (2017), which premiered at Slamdance Film Festival. Her poetry/non-fiction collection HOW DO I LOOK? is available at Metatron Press. Website: