Marlis Schweitzer

Professor, Theatre & Performance Studies Marlis Schweitzer is Professor of Theatre and Performance Studies at York University. She is the author of When Broadway Was the Runway: Theater, Fashion and American Culture (2009), Transatlantic Broadway: The Infrastructural Politics of Global Performance (2015). Her most recent book, Bloody Tyrants and Little Pickles: Stage Roles of Anglo-American Girls in the Nineteenth Century (2020), …

Brenda Longfellow

Associate Professor, Cinema and Media Arts Professor Longfellow has published articles on documentary, feminist film theory and Canadian cinema in Public, CineTracts, Screen, and the Journal of Canadian Film Studies. She is a co-editor (with Scott MacKenzie and Tom Waugh) of the anthology The Perils of Pedagogy: the Works of John Greyson (2013) and Gendering the Nation: Canadian Women Filmmakers (1992). Her documentaries …

Taien Ng-Chan

Taien Ng-Chan is a writer and media artist whose research explores locative media sound art, “object-oriented storytelling,” place-based narratives and futurist imaginings of everyday life through immersive cinema.

The Guilty Pleasures Column

Drawing on this interest in the self, the Guilty Pleasures column of Sensorium’s newsletter will be a case study exploration of how we continue to seek out art and the networks of communication that art participates in. Are digital exhibitions re-creations or adaptations? What does it mean to “appreciate” a digital exhibition and how might it compare to seeing it in person?

Jenifer Papararo

Jenifer Papararo is the recently appointed Director / Curator at the Art Gallery of York University, beginning her tenure in 2020. She comes to the AGYU, from Plug Institute of Contemporary Art, Winnipeg, where she was the Executive Director. She was previously, the Curator at the Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver and the Program Director at Mercer Union, Toronto.

Michael Darroch

Michael Darroch is Associate Dean, Academic and Associate Professor of Cinema and Media Arts in the School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design at York University. He previously served as Associate Dean, Partnership Development and Interdisciplinary Studies in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Windsor, where he taught courses in media art histories, visual culture, and urban ecologies in the School of Creative Arts.

Sarah Bay-Cheng

Sarah Bay-Cheng [pronounced Bay-JUNG, rhymes with “sung”] is the Dean of the School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design at York University. Her research focuses on the intersections among theater, performance, and media including avant-garde film and theatre history and theory, and digital technologies in contemporary performance.

Amy Hillis

As a music scholar and arts educator, Amy pursues projects which build relationships inside and outside the concert hall. She is the founding member and manager of the prairie-based Horizon String Quartet with whom she presents concert tours of interactive performances for schools across western Canada.