Melanie Wilmink

personal website Melanie Wilmink is a doctoral student in Art History and Visual Culture at York University and a recipient of the 2014 York University Elia Scholars Award. Her research examines the inter-connectivity between spectatorial experience and exhibition spaces, and aims to determine how public art situations act as vehicles for metaphoric and physical transportation. […]

Radojka Vrabac

Radojka Vrabac is a PhD student of Cinema and Media Studies at York University. Prior to obtaining an MA degree in Cinema and Media Studies at the same university, Radojka completed two bachelor programs at the Academy of Arts Novi Sad in Serbia: Film and Theatre Directing and Classical Piano Performance. Her research interests include […]

Carmen Victor

personal website Carmen Victor (MA in Art History, MFA) is a PhD student affiliated with the York/Ryerson Graduate Program in Communication & Culture. She serves on the board of Directors of YYZ Artists Outlet, and the Universities Art Association of Canada and has recently published in Seismopolite: Journal of Art & Politics with a forthcoming […]

Jonathan Osborn

Jonathan Osborn (MA in Dance Studies) is a PhD candidate in Dance Studies at York University. His current research emerges out of his MA thesis Personal Space: Investigating Manifestation of Dance on YouTube and examines virtuality, animation, motion capture technology, monstrosity and affective environments. In 2015 Osborn presented Animating Extinction: Choreographed Dinosaur Movement in Documentary […]

Cody Lang

Cody Lang is currently in his second year of the PhD program in Cinema and Media Studies at York University. His research interests include magical realist cinema, film noir and neo-noir, Marxist aesthetic and social theory, semiotic theory, French Cinema after the New Wave, the Japanese New Wave, Aleatory Materialism, and sexual politics of narrative […]

Jessica Bay

President personal website Jessica Bay is pursuing a PhD in the York & Ryerson Universities joint Communication & Culture program. She has previously completed an MA thesis in Popular Culture at Brock University titled The New Blockbuster Film Sequel: Changing Cultural and Economic Conditions Within the Film Industry (2011) and an MA thesis in English […]