Jonathan Osborn

Jonathan Osborn (MA in Dance Studies) is a PhD candidate in Dance Studies at York University. His current research emerges out of his MA thesis Personal Space: Investigating Manifestation of Dance on YouTube and examines virtuality, animation, motion capture technology, monstrosity and affective environments. In 2015 Osborn presented Animating Extinction: Choreographed Dinosaur Movement in Documentary Films at the Society of Dance History Scholars and Congress on Dance Research joint conference in Athens, Greece and When Species (M)eat at the inaugural Sensorium symposium in Toronto. In 2014 Osborn presented Embodied Kingdom at Critically Kinaesthetic at York University and, in collaboration with Professor Mary Fogarty, Camouflaged Identities: The Multiple Legitimacies of Tentacle Tribe at Keep it Simple, Make it Fast! Crossing Borders of Underground Music Scenes in Porto, Portugal. A former professional dancer and accomplished choreographer, Osborn has presented over 15 original choreographic works and maintains an artistic and pedagogical practice invested in exploring animal and inhuman bodies, transformation, science fiction, and the solo form.