AMPD-Sensorium Graduate Symposium

AMPD-Sensorium Residency “The Colour of Longing” in Flex Space, 2023. Photography by Siddh Jain.

AMPD-Sensorium Graduate Symposium: Webs of Connectivity

Friday, April 19, 2024

9:30am – 5pm

Sensorium Loft, 4th Floor CFA, Room M333

“… feminist embodiment resists fixation and is insatiably curious about the webs of differential positioning.” – Donna J. Haraway, 1991

In her seminal article on “Situated Knowledges,” Haraway asks us to attend to the nuances of our positionality, while considering how our identities are shaped by intersecting historical, cultural, linguistic, political, and social realities. Inspired by this approach, the AMPD-Sensorium Graduate Symposium aims to showcase the points of contact between different forms of art, media discourses and histories, and creative practices, as well as ways in which they have long been entangled. Through exploring a network of connections across disciplines, alongside diverse ways of knowing, we hope that it can lead to alternative ways of navigating, encountering, flowing through and in-between individual ideas, collective thinking, and methodologies.

PhD students from the School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design and Sensorium PhD Associates are invited to submit a proposal for the inaugural edition of the AMPD-Sensorium Grad Symposium at York University. This one-day symposium will showcase the arts-based PhD research and interdisciplinary research methodologies currently being explored across our departments. By foregrounding the interdisciplinary nature of AMPD and Sensorium, this end-of-year event aims to connect students from various departments in an intimate and conversational setting. It is open to doctoral students of any level based in AMPD and Sensorium PhD Associates (including visiting graduate scholars) who would benefit from sharing their current research, receiving feedback, and creating connections with students with similar praxis and methodologies. This is a perfect opportunity to share works-in-progress and test out ideas in a relaxed environment while celebrating the end of the year!

Students accepted to participate in the Symposium will present an 8-10 minutes snapshot of their research, followed by a discussion with other students working in similar fields. AMPD Faculty and Sensorium Faculty Research Associates will be present as discussants.

Please submit a brief abstract and a bio to Participants will be notified of their acceptance by mid-March.

Submissions should include the following information:

  • Name & pronouns
  • Level of study and affiliated department
  • Title
  • Abstract (250 words max)
  • Bio (50 words max)

Due by February 25, 2024 (11:59PM EST)

For any questions, please contact Cleo Sallis-Parchet at, Subject Line: Webs of Connectivity Submissions

Link to full Call for Proposals