Sensoria 2022

swirling smoke and text that reads: "Sensoria: the art & science of the senses. Exhibition 26 Sept - 14 Oct. Symposium 4 & 5 Oct"


Sensoria: the Art & Science of the Senses is a multi-site exhibition and symposium that bridges LAZNIA Centre for Contemporary Art (LCCA) in Gdansk, Poland and Sensorium: Centre for Digital Arts & Technology at York University in Toronto, Canada. Held simultaneously in both locations, the exhibition and symposium will engage multi-sensory research that revitalizes our sensory connections to our surroundings, through and despite technological tools, networks and latencies.

The exhibition component is co-curated by veteran curator Nina Czegledy (Agents for Change: Facing the Anthropocene, 2020 & Leonardo/ ISAST 50th Celebrations, 2018) and Sensorium director Joel Ong. Czegledy brings together an international network of artists and scholars who explore the intersection of art, science and the senses. Sited concurrently in both Poland and Toronto, the exhibition will explore the dissociative potential of contemporary technologies on the senses, treating it not only as a social crisis but also an opportunity for creative play and experimentation. It aims to engage a conversation about the senses from the perspective of art, but also science, incorporating artists that straddle the boundaries of knowledge production in a variety of ways.

The symposium leverages the exhibition content as the starting point for more in-depth conversation about the connective aesthetics of everyday sensing and the knowledge-creation potential of artists and scientists collaborating in innovative ways. The socio-political turbulences we have experienced worldwide during the last decade have created unprecedented social and personal strife. While connections are sustained now amongst virtual networks that straddle vast spaces, how might we consider the sharing of intimate senses through smell, touch, and bodily movement as a form of mutual support? The symposium explores questions such as these with keynote presentations by Ryszard Khuszcynski, Chris Salter and David Howse, as well as roundtables between artists and scientists, and performances by Csenge Kolozsvari and York University’s DisPerSions Lab (led by Doug Van Nort). All aspects of the symposium will be presented with virtual components, so as to allow both in-person engagement in Toronto and virtual presence in Gdansk and elsewhere.


Call for Submissions

Sensorium Centre for Digital Arts & Technology & LAZNIA Centre for Contemporary Art.
Gales Gallery at York University, Toronto, Ontario
September 26 – Oct 14, 2022

Deadline: Friday July 15

The exhibition at York aims to be expansive in its reach of the multi-sensory, focusing on projects that revitalize our sensory connections to our surroundings through and in concert with technological tools, networks and latencies.  Chosen projects will be installed in the Gales Gallery (ACW105) and have opportunities for curatorial tours, talks, features in the SENSORIA symposium (Oct 4-5 2022) and potential showing at LAZNIA.  Confirmed pieces in the exhibition include works from internationally renowned artists Agnes Meyer Brandis, Gayil Nalls and Raewyn Turner/Brain Harris.

We are looking for proposals of works, installations, films, media art, and other forms of artworks that engage the following practices and ideas:

  • Multi-sensory systems
  • Olfactory, tactile and/or sonic senses
  • Biological, anatomical models
  • Sensorial landscapes real or imagined
  • Immersive experiences in AR/VR/XR
  • Natural and synthetic perception
  • Creative coding

In addition to the exhibitions, SENSORIA will present and live stream a two-day symposium of Canadian and International guest speakers, that includes exhibiting artists, guest keynote speakers and performers hosted by Sensorium at York University. The symposium will provide key contextualizing thematics for the exhibition through keynote speakers and pioneering theorists in Sensory Studies and Hybrid Art/Science engagements David Howse, Chris Salter and Ryszard Kluszczynski, in addition to discussions and presentations by the artists in the exhibition.

Please submit your proposal by email in one PDF with an abstract/description of the work (100-250 words), its relation to the theme of the exhibition, a short artist bio (100 words), and links to supporting material such as documentation of the work elsewhere (including relevant documentation and technical/installation requirements).

Deadline: Friday July 15



neon lights that read smell / taste / touch

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