Affiliated Organizations


“Archive/Counter-Archive is a project dedicated to activating and remediating audiovisual archives created by women, Indigenous Peoples, the LGBT2Q+ community, and immigrant communities. Political, resistant, and community-based, counter-archives disrupt conventional narratives and enrich our histories.”


VISTA Logo“Science to Applications (VISTA) is a collaborative program funded by the Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF, 2016-2023) that builds on York’s world-leading interdisciplinary expertise in biological and computer vision. In collaboration with over 50 academic, public, and for-profit partners from around the world, VISTA will propel Canada as a global leader in the vision sciences by integrating visual neuroscience with computer vision to drive innovation.”


“SimXSpace is a global leader in realizing the full potential of simulation technologies and methodologies to drive a new era of experiential education and research through collaborations with healthcare organizations, intersectoral disciplines, and the corporate sector across Canada and internationally.”

“Cinespace Film Studios is a family-owned and operated company based in Toronto, Canada, specializing in the development, management and operation of studio space and support facilities for the film, television, and digital media production industry.”



“The GDML supports experiential educational projects in Glendon courses and extracurricular projects for student members of the Glendon Digital Media Club by providing access to technological equipment.”


 “Cumulant 25 ans d’expertise en création d’images de synthèse, nous fournissons des services d’enseignement, de transfert de connaissances, de recherche et développement, et de consultation à de grandes entreprises et maisons d’enseignement aussi bien au Canada qu’aux États-Unis, mais aussi en Amérique du Sud, en Europe et en Asie.”