Research Projects

The Guilty Pleasures Column

Drawing on this interest in the self, the Guilty Pleasures column of Sensorium’s newsletter will be a case study exploration of how we continue to seek out art and the networks of communication that art participates in. Are digital exhibitions re-creations or adaptations? What does it mean to “appreciate” a digital exhibition and how might it compare to seeing it in person?

Image of tobacco field rows.

the morning I died I flew over the tabaco fields…

A multimedia ethnographic performance project based on the morning I died I flew over the tobacco fields…, a short story written by Lynn Hutchinson Lee—a multimedia artist/writer, daughter of a Canadian mother and Romanichal (English Romani) father.

Image of art work ICECUBE LED Display [ILDm^3].

ICECUBE LED Display [ILDm^3]

ICECUBE LED Display [ILDm^3] is a cubic-meter (1/1000th scale) model of the IceCube Neutrino Observatory. This novel telescope looks for nearly invisible cosmic messengers, neutrinos, using a cubic-kilometer of instrumented ice starting 1450 meters below the surface at the South Pole. Created by Mark-David Hosale, James Madsen, and Rob Allison.

Image from interdisciplinary performance Disrupting Solitude.

Disrupting Solitude

Disrupting Solitude ponders the agency of the human in an increasingly digitally mediatized existence and invites participants to artistically explore the dynamic relationship, tension and potential that exists between people, between people as mediated through technology and the invasive seduction by technology in contemporary life. Created by Gwenyth Dobie and William Mackwood. 

Image from art experience Rallentando.


Rallentando is a multimedia art installation that creates a virtual forest, enabling hyper-living participants to experience a vital restoration of body and memory. Created by Gwenyth Dobie and William Mackwood.

Image from Aeolian Traces by Joel Ong.

Aeolian Traces

Aeolian Traces is an immersive installation that utilizes a hybridization of data harvesting, physical installation, algorithmic composition and spatial sound. Presented through a combination of a multi-channel sound diffusion system and an 8-channel ventilator (DC motor fan) setup, the piece creates wind currents in a gallery space triggered by human migration data. Created by Joel Ong.

Image from Nanovibracy (2011) by Joel Ong.


Nanovibrancy (2011) was undertaken at SymbioticA, the Centre of Excellence in Biological Arts at the University of Western Australia. It features a mix of wet biological science, empirical physical data processing and the aesthetics of a site-specific sound installation. Created by Joel Ong.

Image from ORIGIN8.


ORIGIN8 is a collaboration between AMPD (Don Sinclair and Doug Van Nort) and Canada’s National Ballet School. Using customized machine-learning software integrating a custom-made sound-performance interface and 3D graphics generator created by the AMPD artist-researchers, data captured from the dancers’ movements generated dramatic, kinetic image projections and an ever-changing musical soundscape.