Executive Committee

Headshot of Associate Professor Robert Allison.

Robert Allison

Associate Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Rob obtained his Ph.D. in Biology from York University in 1998. His research interests include: psychophysical and computational methods to study depth perception in natural and virtual environments; the design of the human-computer interface for virtual reality and simulator systems; machine vision; the measurement and analysis of eye movements and related applications; and the measurement and perception of human motion.

Headshot image of Associate Professor Jennifer Fisher.

Jennifer Fisher

Associate Professor, Visual Art & Art History

Jennifer Fisher is an art historian, critic and curator whose research focuses on exhibition and display practices, contemporary art, performance, feminist epistemology, affect theory and the aesthetics of the non-visual senses. She is editor of the anthology Technologies of Intuition (2006) and co-editor of special issues of Senses and Society: The Senses and Art (2012) and PUBLIC: Civic Spectacle (2012). She is joint Editor of the Journal of Curatorial Studies and a founding member of DisplayCult, a curatorial organization that has staged a range of interventional projects.

Headshot of Associate Professor Ian Garrett.

Ian Garrett

Associate Professor, Theatre

Ian Garrett is Associate Professor of Ecological Design for Performance at York University; Producer for the US/Canadian company Toasterlab; and director of the Centre for Sustainable Practice in the Arts, a think tank on sustainability in arts and culture.

Headshot image of Associate Professor Jan Hadlaw.

Jan Hadlaw

Associate Professor, Design; Graduate Program Director, Communication & Culture

Jan Hadlaw’s work spans design studies, history of technology, and media history. Her research focuses on the material and visual histories of modern technologies, and on the roles played by their design and representation in shaping the experiences and practices of modernity.

Headshot of Associate Dean, Laura Levin.

Laura Levin

Associate Professor, Theatre; Associate Dean Research, AMPD

Laura Levin is Associate Professor of Theatre & Performance Studies and Associate Dean, Research in the School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design. Her research focuses on site-specific, immersive, and urban intervention performance; performing gender and sexuality; activist and political performance; performance, human rights, and environmental justice; intermedial and digital performance; research-creation methodologies; and performance theory.

Headshot of Professor Janine Marchessault.

Janine Marchessault

Professor, Cinema & Media Studies; Inaugural Sensorium Director

Janine Marchessault is a professor in Cinema and Media Arts and holds a York Research Chair in Media Art and Social Engagement. Her research has engaged with four areas: the history of large screen media (from multiscreen to Imax to media as architecture and VR); diverse models of public art, festivals, and site specific curation; 21st century moving-image archives and notions of collective memory/history.

Headshot image of Sensorium Director Joel Ong.

Joel Ong

Director, Sensorium; Assistant Professor, Computational Arts

Professor Joel Ong is a media artist whose works connect scientific and artistic approaches to the environment, particularly with respect to sound and physical space.

Headshot of Associate Professor Ken Rogers.

Kenneth Rogers

Associate Professor, Cinema & Media Arts; Associate Director, MBA Program in Arts Media and Entertainment

Kenneth Rogers is the author of The Attention Complex: Media, Archeology, Method (Palgrave Macmillan 2014), which diagrams the complex of power relations that organizes the proliferating media technologies, knowledge systems, and social practices of human attention into a larger political strategy that governs the conduct of individuals.