Research Associates

Research Associates participate in the intellectual and creative life of Sensorium, submit and administer grants through the Centre, and/or are active in a research cluster, and in organizing workshops and conferences.

Headshot of Associate Professor Nina Levitt.

Nina Levitt

Associate Professor, Visual Art & Art History

Nina Levitt works in photography, video, sculpture and interactive technologies. Her practice is primarily concerned with the ways women have been imaged and imagined in popular culture.

Headshot of Brenda Longfellow

Brenda Longfellow

Associate Professor, Cinema and Media Arts

Associate Professor, Cinema and Media Arts Professor Longfellow has published articles on documentary, feminist film theory and Canadian cinema in Public, CineTracts, Screen, and the Journal of Canadian Film Studies. She is a co-editor (with Scott MacK …

Headshot of Associate Professor Michael Longford.

Michael Longford

Associate Professor; Graduate Program Director, Digital Media

Michael Longford’s creative work and research activities reside at the intersection of photography, graphic design and digital media. He has exhibited and presented his work at national and international exhibitions and conferences.

Headshot of Professor Janine Marchessault.

Janine Marchessault

Professor, Cinema & Media Studies; Inaugural Sensorium Director

Janine Marchessault is a professor in Cinema and Media Arts and holds a York Research Chair in Media Art and Social Engagement. Her research has engaged with four areas: the history of large screen media (from multiscreen to Imax to media as architecture and VR); diverse models of public art, festivals, and site specific curation; 21st century moving-image archives and notions of collective memory/history.

Image of Taien Ng-Chan in blue coat and hat, holding clipboard.

Taien Ng-Chan

Assistant Professor, Cinema and Media Arts

Taien Ng-Chan is a writer and media artist whose research explores locative media sound art, “object-oriented storytelling,” place-based narratives and futurist imaginings of everyday life through immersive cinema.

Freya Björg Olafson sitting on a ledge.

Freya Björg Olafson

Assistant Professor, Dance

Freya Björg Olafson is an intermedia artist who works with video, audio, painting and performance. Her praxis engages with identity and the body, as informed by technology and the Internet.

Headshot image of Sensorium Director Joel Ong.

Joel Ong

Director, Sensorium; Assistant Professor, Computational Arts

Professor Joel Ong is a media artist whose works connect scientific and artistic approaches to the environment, particularly with respect to sound and physical space.

AGYU Director/Curator Jenifer Papararo.

Jenifer Papararo

Director/Curator, Art Gallery of York University

Jenifer Papararo is the recently appointed Director / Curator at the Art Gallery of York University, beginning her tenure in 2020. She comes to the AGYU, from Plug Institute of Contemporary Art, Winnipeg, where she was the Executive Director. She was previously, the Curator at the Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver and the Program Director at Mercer Union, Toronto.